Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Project Accountability Tips

Where does the buck stop?

When you're managing a project, it stops with you.

Save yourself a lot of trouble by making accountability clear.

Here are five quick ways:

5. Be specific

Your team members can't read your mind! Think about tasks from their perspective and add as many details as possible.

4. Assign tasks to one person

If you assign a task to multiple people, everyone thinks someone else will handle it, and nobody does.

3. Ask questions to one person

Don't CC the entire team. Ask one member a specific question.

2. Ask one question at a time

People are busy. Make things easy for them. Send separate emails, or number your questions so it's easy for them to respond to each one.

...and the number one tip:

1. Keep track

As a project manager, you need to track all of your "open loops." When a team member agrees to do something, make sure it's tracked somewhere you can both access, so it's clear what they've committed to.

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