Monday, July 9, 2012

Take a vacation from project management!

Project management is great fun, but sometimes you need a break!

You might start packing up your laptop and smartphone to continue working the entire time.


Perhaps you'd like a real vacation?

In that case, you probably need to assign a point of contact to help your project run smoothly while you're away.

So how can PMRobot help with this?

We've built in a number of features to assign a "helper" to interface with your team members and clients while you're away.

All recent activity is listed in the Newsfeed, making it easy to see, at a glance, what needs attention.

The Member Overview feature lets you view another member's dashboard.

Meanwhile, you can use Redirect Clarification to redirect questions posed to people that are away.

Read the full details in our new tutorial entitled "Going on vacation."

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