Monday, November 5, 2012

Even easier...

After carefully listening to our users' feedback, we've launched an update of PMRobot that's even easier to use.

So what's new?

1. Project selector with search

Now you can find your projects quickly with typeahead search:

It's placed prominently at the top left in a large font, for easy access.

2. All your settings in one place

You said: "I can't find my settings!"

We listened :-)

No more hunting around. They're all organized in one place now. Just click More... Settings.

3. Hide unwanted features:

You said: "My screen is cluttered with things I don't use!"

We listened.

Too much clutter? Clean it up by turning off the features you don't use!

Organization primaries can change this at

4. Feedback and Knowledge Base

Have some more ideas for us? Not sure how to do something?

Check out our need feedback and knowledge base at:

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