Monday, May 14, 2012

Keeping it all together

When I was a co-op student working for SSI, I would routinely leave for four months, only to return to a new set of tickets and a lot to catch up on. One recurring issue was transferring all that knowledge to someone when I left, or getting it passed back to me when I returned. After all, developers were problem-solving via email, asking managers how to do things, and storing files locally. Before PMRobot, it was all a mess.

Recently I came back to a ticket that had been in development for the past eight months. There was a huge amount of communication for me to look over between the developer, client, and manager. Luckily it was all in one place. I could clearly see the technical discussions alongside the client questions instead of switching between multiple email threads, making it easy to get up to speed.

Now I’m continuing work on this ticket and progress is going smoothly. I can quickly reference technical documentation, and download the related files without having to wait for someone to send me everything. If there are any issues going forward, I can directly contact my manager, fellow developers, or the client all from the same place. With PMRobot, I have the tools to keep it all together.

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