Thursday, April 26, 2012

PMRobot Mobile: Always on the move

Let's face it -- People are always on the move.

You're not always in front of your desktop or laptop.

Suppose you're on the train, heading to work, and want to check in on your notifications and answer a few questions.

Now it's easy!

Just open your mobile web browser and sign in at same place as always --

PMRobot will automatically adjust to your screen size and present you with an optimized mobile experience.

This works on just about any device with a modern browser that supports CSS media queries.

Here are some examples on iOS (iPhone/Apple):

...and a few screenshots running on Android (Samsung/HTC/Google/etc.):

It works best on modern browsers like the ones in iOS and Android, but we'd love to hear how it looks on your device.

Happy trails!

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