Sunday, February 24, 2013

Answer Questions in PMRobot Right from your Inbox

We know it's important not to create friction between you, your team members and your clients. Our aim is to build an agile project management tool that gets out of your way instead of adding overhead.

One of PMRobot's most popular features is Question Asking in a ticket.  It makes it easy to get the answers you need to move forward, and it puts them right where you need them.  Until now, the only problem was that you needed to go to the app to answer a question. Not the worst thing in the world, but it does interrupt your flow when you're responding to other emails.

That's why we're adding our Email Reply feature. Questions asked of you are delivered to your email inbox.  To respond, all you have to do is reply as you would to any email.  The answer will appear in the ticket and the question will be recorded as answered.  Forgot to mention something? No problem, another email reply will simply be appended after the first.

Go to PMRobot to try it out with your team members.


  1. Great addition! I’m seriously going to have to pick your brain about how you implemented this.

    1. We used Mandrill (from the MailChimp team) --

      Very happy with it so far, although it's still a bit beta and has its quirks.